ELN Services Pty Ltd is a project and construction management organisation offering quality cost effective delivery services for complex projects and project recovery in the civil construction, mining, and infrastructure sectors.

ELN Services understands the processes from pre-feasibility study through design procurement, design development and delivery of detailed design for projects. We also have significant experience in construction procurement and tender evaluation along with on site contract administration. We strive to avoid unnecessary waste, excessive cost and delays resulting from poor coordination and communication among stakeholders and specialists.

ELN Services focuses on the complete process of project and contract management rather than the traditional roles of various specialists such as planners, architects, engineering designers, constructors, fabricators, material suppliers, financial analysts and others and can manage the project or program through all the various stages of development.

ELN Services Pty is ISO 9001 certified for contract administration and project management and has systems ensure these specialists can respond more effectively to the client's intended needs.

ELN Services is a highly flexible project delivery-focused organisation that promotes a team approach to producing successful project outcomes. Our team has the passion and the technical ingredients to ensure a successful project outcome.