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Land Management

ELN Services specialises in the delivery of pro-active grass-roots landholder and community engagement.
We are skilled field communicators with a strong mix of heavy construction and farming experience.
It is this mix that is the invaluable point of difference for our landholder consultation approach.
While brochures and fact sheets are important tools for us, what we are really all about is quality front line stakeholder relationship building.
We prefer the direct, face-to-face approach when negotiating access or advising of planned construction activity.
This personal face-to-face engagement approach is a learned skill - our ability to deliver it consistently is what sets us apart from other consultants.
We are confident in what we do and how we do it. We know how to build trust with landholders.
It all starts with the deliverer.
We also pride ourselves on our Due Diligent reporting capabilities.

ELN Services capabilities are as follows:

Land Access

  • Landholder Liaison
  • Compensation Agreement Negotiation
  • Construction Site and Route Selection
  • Easement and Access Track Negotiation
  • Dilapidation Survey Management
  • Cultural Heritage and Native Title Management 

Community Relations

  • Community and Key Stakeholder Consultation
  • Issue Management
  • Environment and Social Impact Assessment
  • Media Management
  • Legacy and Sponsorship Development